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  • Non-decimal currency — A non decimal currency is a currency which has sub units that are a non decimal fraction of the main unit, i.e. the number of sub units in a main unit is not a power of 10. Contents 1 Contemporary non decimal currencies 2 Historic non decimal… …   Wikipedia

  • Non-decimal currencies — A non decimal currency is one which has sub units that are a non decimal fraction of the main unit.Today, only two countries in the world use non decimal currencies. These are Mauritania (1 ouguiya = 5 khoums) and Madagascar (1 ariary = 5… …   Wikipedia

  • Decimal mark — For the proper choice of the decimal mark in English language Wikipedia articles, see Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers)#Decimal points. Numeral systems by culture Hindu Arabic numerals Western Arabic (Hindu numerals) Eastern Arabic… …   Wikipedia

  • Decimal separator — In a positional numeral system, the decimal separator is a symbol used to mark the boundary between the integral and the fractional parts of a decimal numeral. When used in context of Arabic numerals, terms implying the symbol used are decimal… …   Wikipedia

  • décimal — décimal, ale, aux [ desimal, o ] adj. et n. f. • 1746; de décime ♦ Qui procède par dix; qui a pour base le nombre dix. Numération décimale, à base dix. Nombre décimal, pouvant s écrire sous la forme d une fraction dont le dénominateur est une… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Non-Stop (novel) — Non Stop   1st edition …   Wikipedia

  • Decimal — For other uses, see Decimal (disambiguation). This article aims to be an accessible introduction. For the mathematical definition, see Decimal representation. Numeral systems by culture Hindu Arabic numerals Western Arabic (Hindu numerals)… …   Wikipedia

  • Decimal representation — This article gives a mathematical definition. For a more accessible article see Decimal. A decimal representation of a non negative real number r is an expression of the form of a series, traditionally written as a sum where a0 is a nonnegative… …   Wikipedia

  • Non-English usage of quotation marks — A Non English usage of quotation marks Punctuation apostrophe ( …   Wikipedia

  • Decimal floating point — Floating point precisions IEEE 754: 16 bit: Half (binary16) 32 bit: Single (binary32), decimal32 64 bit: Double (binary64), decimal64 128 bit: Quadruple (binary128), decimal128 Other: Minifloat · Extended precision Arbitrary precision… …   Wikipedia

  • Non-integer representation — A non integer representation uses non integer numbers as the radix, or bases, of a positional numbering system. For a non integer radix β > 1, the value of is The numbers di are non negative integers less than β. This is also known as a β… …   Wikipedia

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